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Thank you for choosing our catchy name generator! So if you landed on this website, it is no secret for you that a really catchy name is extremely hard to think of. Before we can start dealing with this task, there is one question to answer: what are the exact characteristics that make a name catchy? First of all, it has to be reasonably short. The longer is the name, the less likely that it will stick in people’s mind and spread through the word of mouth. Second, it has to be original (the soft element of surprise makes things more memorable) and yet not too weird. To put it another way, to find a really catchy name is to find that sweet spot between unexpected/exquisite and “Um… What?”. And this is exactly what this catchy name generator will help you to do.

While developing this database, we have drawn inspiration from variety of movies (both modern and vintage), books, television series, pop-culture works and icons, legends and even mythological texts. Thus some of the names suggested by this catchy name generator will be traditional and old, once popular and already forgotten. The others will be really modern and innovative. These names are uncommon today, but having in mind how exquisite, melodic and catchy they are… I would not be surprised if after some 3 years you would find them among the most popular baby names on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

So here comes a several examples of the catchy names you might be suggested: Nico (this name means “victorious people” and is suitable for both girls and boys… To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons I find this name so attractive is that it reminds me of Warhol era and Neko Case (Velvet Underground singer), Oscar (in this case cultural relevance comes from variety of artists and characters, such as Oscar Wilde and Oscar the Grouch), Zelda (the name means “blessing” and carries connotations with one of the most popular video games ever… you will know it if you are not cold to this source of entertainment), Caspar (meaning “treasurer”… and do you remember Caspar the friendly ghost?), Marlo, Stormy, Olive, Milo, Roscoe, Stella, Lola, Asher, Zeus, Apollo, Nyx, Thalassa, Aether, Phoebe, Rhea, Aura, Oriana, Tristan…
Now enough of the examples, go ahead and check out this catchy name generator! We hope you won’t be disappointed!

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