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Thank you for choosing our blues name generator! Let’s be honest. Everybody loves nicknames. It is just nice to have a special term of endearment that is reserved just for you. But if you are hoping to become a famous blues artist, having a special nickname is not just “nice” or “fun”. It might actually be essential for the success of your professional career. Knowing the importance of stage name, you might feel like using some automatic system is not an “adequate” way to find one. However, you should know that quite a few currently famous artists got their pseudonyms exactly the same way. For example, Donald Glover, a well know American hip-hop recording artist, writer and actor, got his stage name Childish Gambino from Wu-Tang Clan name generator! So who is to say you can’t get yours using this blues name generator?

If you look at the stories behind the stages names adopted by some of the greatest blues artists, you will notice that all of them are pretty simple and straight. Here come a few examples… Kokomo Arnold, born James Arnold, borrowed the name Kokomo from the coffee brand which was popular in the early 20th century and which was the subject of one of his hits. Robert Hicks was given the stage name Barbeque Bob by the talent scout Don Hornsby, as at that time he worked as a chef in a small barbeque restaurant. Francis Hillman Blackwell was nicknamed Scrapper Blackwell for his hot temper, while Armenter Chatman adopted the name “Bo” in honor of his stepfather. Do you know the legendary bluesman David Honeyboy Edwards? He took that middle name because he has grown up being called “honey” by his mother and close family.

Now although this blues name generator won’t offer you a personalized nickname on purpose, it does not mean that it can’t help you get a name with a story behind it at all. We are pretty sure that some of the names will remind you of something important that happened to you in the past or reflect your personal qualities. So if you want to have a story prepared, in case somebody asks why did you choose a particular name, you can sure think of something. But enough of talking… Go ahead and start using this blues name generator! As you will see, it is incredibly convenient: all you have to do to get a suggestion is click the button below this text.

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