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Thank you for choosing our band name generator metal! So you are planning to start building a professional career in music industry? Or maybe you want music to remain your hobby and need a name for your group of friends you play with? If the second of these questions comes closer to the truth, choosing the name should not be such a big deal for you. If you are planning to play for your friends or in some other narrow circles only (for example in the underground metal scene of some small town), people will know you for your music and thus the name will remain a secondary thing.

However, if you are dreaming about becoming famous (we mean like thousands-of-people –chanting-your name-in-the-stadium type of famous), you will need something really good. And why is this so important? For starters, it is enough to mention one of the reasons… It is no secret that today the competition in music market is pretty tense. And at least in some countries and towns, it is no longer true to say that out of all the people who think about tying up their lives with music very few actually see themselves in metal bands. So in the situation where hundreds of young and potentially talented musicians are trying to make their way to stardom simultaneously, the person can rarely afford listening to all of them. Thus in most cases, while making first judgment and deciding whether the band is worth his time, he simply relies on the name. And if it does not catch his attention, the group does not stand a chance to be heard.

Of course, the simple fact that the name is important for you r future success, does not mean you should give yourself a panic attack over this decision. Especially know, that you have found this band name generator metal. The system we have developed will provide you with thousands of cool suggestions, making it almost impossible for you to fail with this task.

Now how this band name generator actually works? Well, all you have to know is that every time you will click the button right below this text, it will come up with a new suggestion, while the previous one will be sent into the list in the lower part of this page. Plus, you can add a certain name to your favorites by clicking on it. That is all we have to say, now go ahead and start using this band name generator!

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