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Thank you for choosing our Asian name generator! If you tried to solve the problem by yourself, before looking for help in the vast reaches of internet, you already know that coming up with a realistic Asian name is not easy. This is especially true if you are not quite familiar with Asian cultures and have not met too many people with Asian heritage. But the truth is, even people originating from this continent often find it difficult to come up with a random Asian name. Just think about yourself: would you really be able to think of a random English name in a few moments? Surely, you would manage to think of something in no time, but it is likely that the first names popping into your head would be those of your friends, relatives and memorable book/movie characters. And if you don’t want the name to carry any connotations or have connections to your personal life, this might be a problem. Thus we believe that this Asian name generator will be useful not only for Europeans, North and South Americans, Africans and Australians, but also for people originating from Asia.

And were could you use an Asian name? We believe that most of our visitors already have an answer to this question (or several of them). However, here are some ideas for those who have opened this webpage with no clear goal, out of pure boredom or curiosity. So first of all, this Asian name generator could be useful for gamers who love to indulge in role playing. As you might know, there is variety of role playing video games that allows you to choose Asian character and require choosing his/her name. Second, the system we have developed could come in handy for writers who think that their stories might benefit from introducing some character from the East.

As you will see, all the names are provided in English, thus there is a small chance that some of them might have been translated incorrectly. However, we are sure that at least 99% of them are translated as precisely as possible. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using this Asian name generator! All you have to do to get a new original suggestion is click the button that reads “Generate Asian Names”. Good luck looking and don’t be afraid to experiment, to mix some names together or to make any other improvement you can think of!

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