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Thank you for choosing this Argonian name generator! So as you might already know, Argonian is one of the playable races on The Elder Scrolls. In this game series they feature alongside Altmer, Bostmer, Breton, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Orc and Redguard characters. Although Argonians are not pleasant to look at (if you asked us, they are just as ugly as Dunmer and Orc), they are actually pretty fun to play. This type of characters actually has only one major drawback and it is difficult names. When we call this a drawback, this is not because they would be too difficult to pronounce or something. It is just that it is extremely hard to come up with Argonian name that would resemble the ones used in the game and yet would be original.

To tackle this problem, we have developed an advanced Argonian name generator that makes names with rules similar to how the names in Elder Scrolls games seem to be created. For example, in Daggerfall and Arena Argonian male names seems to be created using one of 13 different prefixes (such as Antigon, Alex, Claud, August, Dioclet, Jul and Tip) alongside 13 suffixes (Andros, acles, ian, icus, ides, ula and etc.). Meanwhile female names consist of prefixes such as Aph, Ath, Dem, Jud, Maced, Per, Tyr and suffixes like emis, ena, ina, ithea, omeda, rotite and the like. The Argonian name generator you have just found uses consistent prefixes and suffixes to generate thousands of different names too.

As you might remember, in Arena and Daggerfal, Argonian characters used to have family names. They seemed to be created in similar manner as first names and sounded quite powerful. If you have played neither Arena nor Daggerfall or simply don’t recall the last names we are talking about, here are some examples: Magdorus, Caegulus, Androcles, Camus, Megulus, Perdas, Nicles, Magnes, Persar…. The family names have not been used for Argonian characters since the release of Morrowind.

While we are talking about the specifics of this Argonian name generator, here are brief instructions on how to use it. First of all, click the button below this text a several times or until you see the name you like. Then slide down the window to find the list titled “Argonian Names Generated”. The suggestion that has earned your interest will be right at the top, so click on it and it will be added to your favorites.

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