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Thank you for choosing our app name generator! Few people would argue with the claim that name is extremely important in entertainment. For example, the name Hulk Hogan sound way more impressive and memorable than Terry Bollea and there is no coincidence that the first of these men is way more famous than the second. Although there is no doubt that the professional success in showbiz depends on the talent and skill, the name does make a difference. At least in this respect, the world of app design is not much different.

Under the current circumstances, with tens of apps reaching the market every single day, it is hard (if not impossible) to create an app which would be incredibly original from the function standpoint. This means that when a person needs an app which would serve a particular purpose, he has variety of options to choose from. For example, if the man needs something as primitive as a calculator he can choose from over 6000 apps. Needless to say, he is not going to do a research on each of them. In fact, it is most likely that in a situation like this the person will simply form an impression based on the app’s name and rely on it. This is why we are absolutely sure that coming up with the right name for your app is extremely important and why we believe that this app name generator could be useful for thousands of people.

So what kind of name you should be looking for? First of all, it has to be original, so your app would not get completely lost among thousands of others. Second, it has to be reasonably short and in turn, easy to remember. If you look at the list of the best apps that were created over the year 2013, you will notice that most of their names meet both of these requirements: Afterlight, Duolingo, Venmo, Over, ThirdLove, Vine, Proust, Mextures… Third, a good app name has to be indicative of its function, thus you might have to adjust the suggestions provided by this app name generator in order to make them more relevant. Then again, while trying to make sure the name you choose meets the third requirement, you should not forget that it has to stay original (and if you call your calculator “Calculator+” it clearly won’t be) and short. We hope you will find this app name generator useful!

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