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Thank you for choosing our angel name generator! So as you might already know, although their portrayal differs, angels feature in variety of theological texts, in scriptures that are sacred for different confessions. In modern spirituality angels are often seen as energy patterns representing an angelic hierarchy that has a closer connection to source energy (or God) then the humans have. In general, the person does not necessarily have to be particularly religious or belong to any confession in order to believe in angels. It is enough to believe in the existence of some higher entity (or entities) of supernatural nature (as opposed to being convinced that there is just us and the universe with millions of stars and planets that might be inhabited by alien life forms).

You also must have noticed that angels have sort of „climbed out“of theological texts and spiritual realm straight to the popular culture. They feature in best-selling books, some of the most popular television series (such as Supernatural) and video games. To tell you the truth, it is exactly the increasing popularity of angelic characters that convinced us to start working on this angel name generator. We just thought that all those authors and screenwriters must have a pretty hard time trying to come up with the names for all of their characters and wanted to make their lives a little bit easier. Plus, we believed that an angel name generator like this one could come in handy for some of the role playing game fans. Now that the work is over we are pretty confident that this system will be useful for as many people as we hoped.

While developing this system, we have drawn inspiration from the angel names mentioned in various theological sources. You might be interested to hear some of the most beautiful and meaningful existing angel names we have found while doing this research. So here they come…Adnachiel- the angel of independence, Afrie- angel of youth, Anael- angel of romantic love, Douma- angel of silence, Ramiel- angel of thunder, Raphael- angel of healing, Gabriel- angelic messenger, Jophiel- angel of enlightenment, Verchiel (Herchiel)- angel of affection, Nathaniel- angel of fire, Kutiel- angel of water, Paschar- angel of vision…

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