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Thank you for choosing this American name generator! The system you have just found was developed for the foreigners who do not speak English as their mother-tongue and does not know many American names, as well as for the citizens of the United States. Some of you might be wondering: why would a person who has been living in this country long enough to become a citizen and in turn, probably became familiar with tens of people with American names would need an American name generator? Should not he be able to come up with an American name all by himself? Well, not necessarily… The problem is, the more names we learn by experience, the harder it becomes to think of a name that would be truly RANOM. Our heads become completely stuffed with the names of our family members, friends, neighbors, celebrities, politicians, movie and book characters, and getting them out of the picture is not easy, even if you are willing.

So as we have said, the system you have just found was developed for both foreigners and Americans. But in what situations exactly it could be applicable? If we wanted to provide you with the complete list of possible uses, we would have to cancel our plans for the following week, so what we are going to do is mention a few key examples. First of all, this American name generator could help you find a cool nickname, pseudonym, online name, etc. Second, it could help you come up with the original, powerful and melodic names for your movie and/or book characters. Third, it is a perfect tool if you need names for some of your game characters (for example, if you are playing Sims). Fourth, it could come in handy if you are looking for an American name for your newborn.

While developing our database, we have tried to take into account the fact that this system will be used by people with varying tastes and different requirements. Thus we have included both names that are rather extravagant and traditional ones. Sorcha, Merwyn, Kata, Christine, Ursula, Rose, Audrey, Katherine, Christopher, Humphrey, Lattice, Erv, Gusella, Ashton, Emera, Leighton, Valencia, Englebert… These are just a few examples of cool names you might be suggested. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using this American name generator right away! All you have to do to get a new option is click the button you see below this text!

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