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Thank you for choosing our alien name generator! Nobody knows how long people have wondered if they are alone in the universe or not… Are alien forms of life similar to human beings or are they completely different in respect to their physiological structure and cultivated cultures? Are they intelligent and if so, are they more intelligent than us? Do we have a chance of ever getting in touch with creatures living light-years from Earth? Or maybe they have already been trying to contact us? These and other questions have given inspiration for variety of artists. It is impossible to count how many books were written, how many movies were filmed and how many video games were developed drawing on the themes of intergalactic communication, possible conflicts and cooperation perspectives with alien forms of life.
Although each of us know tens of alien fantasy characters (first of all, from such legendary television series and films as Alfie, Doctor Who, Alien, Star Wars, Man in Black, etc.), coming up with a convincing alien name relying on your own imagination is not easy. Surely, this is not an impossible mission, but it requires quite a lot of time and nerves. As both time and nerves are among the most precious resources, we decided it would be best if somebody created an automatic system that could help gamers and sci-fi authors to find names for their characters with ease. And this is basically the story how this alien name generator came into life… Now that you have found it, never again you will have to spend half an hour blankly staring at one point, trying to combine random vowels and consonants into a convincing alien name. The alien name generator we have developed will do it for you within a blink of an eye!
So what do you have to make it start serving its purpose? Just click the button right below this text! Yes, the one that reads “Generate Alien Names”… You need more than one name? You have a memory of a gold-fish and forget the suggestion as soon as it disappears from you sight? This is not a problem (at least not this time). Just slide down the window and you will find all the previous suggestions listed under the title “Alien Names Generated”. The names you click on will be transferred to your favorites list. Have fun using this alien name generator!

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