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Thank you for choosing our African name generator! If before landing on this website you have tried to come up with a convincing African name all by yourself, you already know that this is by no means easy. Especially if you are not familiar with African culture and do not know any names that could serve as an example. In order to help people who have difficulties dealing with this task we have developed an advanced African name generator that runs on impressive database and is extremely easy to use. Now that you have found it, we are pretty sure in just a several minutes you will have an original name that meets all your requirements.

So what exactly are you looking for? Maybe you are an author writing a story that is set in Africa? Or maybe you just want to introduce some characters from this continent? What about the names Ayokunle, Boolako, Bolanle, Chausiku, Chidima, Lekan, Kwesi, Kayin, Katlego… Don’t you think these names sound exotic and interesting? Most of them are from Swahili, Luganda, Yoruba and Tswana languages. We also have some names that do not have traceable origin and sound a little bit more “Brooklyn”. This African name generator could also come in handy if you need a name for some video game character (for example Sims).

We also believe that this system is a perfect tool for those who are looking for an original name for their baby. African names are really outstanding not only due to their exotic sound, but also for their meaning. Although this particular generator cannot tell you what stands behind the name, you can easily check the meanings on other websites. For example, you will find out that Katlego means success in Tswana, Mbali- flower in Zulu, Ngozi- blessing in Igbo, Mwanajuma- born on Friday in Shwali, Mirembe- peace in Lagunda, Mojisola- wake up to wealth in Yoruba, Melisizwe- leader of the nation in Xhosa, Meklit- gift to God in Amharic, Masamba- leaves, vegetables in Yao, Manyara- “you have been humbled” in Shona, Makena- happy one in Kikuyu. There are also some names with rather weird (for non-African cultures) meanings, such as Lumusi- “born face down” in Ewe.

You will find the meanings later (if you want to), for now, use this African name generator to pick a several names that sound pleasant for your ears. We hope you will find this system useful and remember this website the next time you need some original ideas for names!

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