Name generator

Thank you for choosing this name generator! Probably every person (with an exception of those few extremely creative ones) who has ever tried to come up with a beautiful and melodic name, that would also be original enough, would agree that this is by no means an easy task. Parents spend weeks and sometimes months trying to find perfect names for their children, and this is not surprising having in mind what an important decision this actually is. After all, name is one of very few things that usually remain with us through our lives: from the crib to the coffin. It becomes part of our identity: it is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the question “who are you?” and it is inseparable from your public image. While developing this name generator we were partially motivated by the hope that it could help parents find names their children could be proud of. Something that would boost their self confidence, allow them to stand out of the crowd and yet would not be “too extraordinary” (on the verge of “plain weird”) to attract the attention of bullies. However, finding names for babies is just one out of many purposes this system could serve. It could also come in handy for the writers and gamers looking for names for their characters, artists, who need memorable pseudonyms, bored kids who would like to have an alter ego, etc. The list of tasks this generator could help you complete is only limited by your imagination. Now if this name generator has any cons, it is that it does not provide you with name meanings. But we believe that at the first stage of choosing process meanings would just serve to distract you. What you should do first is pick a several names that sound right spoken out loud, that feel good saying. Then, if this is not enough for you to make a final decision, you can find out about the meanings on some other website. Believe us, the supply of websites offering this service is pretty impressive… To start using this name generator, click the button below this text. As soon as you do that the existing suggestion will be replaced by the new one. Meanwhile the previous option will fly straight to the list titled “Names Generated”. You can check it any time you forget something, it is in the lower part of this same window.